"The world is like a book, and those who do not travel only read one page"
     -St. Augustine​

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​​Hi, I'm Dave. My first memories of my youth were filled with dreams of travel and adventure. I dreamed of exploring ancient ruins, safaris in Africa, and trekking through the Amazon, but unfortunately my family's idea of a big trip was a week at the lake an hour's drive away. I have no idea where my unquenchable passion for travel came from, but I knew I was destined to explore this amazing planet we call Earth.
Fast forward to today ...I have been fortunate enough to travel to every corner of the world, over 130 countries, and all totalled about 18 years overseas. People always ask me how I can possibly travel as much as I've done, and remark that they could never "afford" to travel even a fraction of what I do. That's where they couldn't be more wrong ...I remember once asking someone how much he and his wife spent on their last week long trip to Hawaii. He was shocked when I told him for what he spent on a week in Hawaii, I would often budget that amount for a three month trip. Travel doesn't have to cost a fortune ...there are many ways to save money on every facet of traveling. Even though I'm not quite as "hardcore" of a backpacker as I once was(I was reading in one of my old journals about how offended I was to pay $3/night for a place to stay), but I still travel for a fraction of what the majority of people do.
In my blog I want to deal with travel from many angles ...ways to save a LOT of money on travel expenses ...TRAVEL on the CHEAP!!! ...travel stories ...my favorite travel locations ...my "best of" everything. I would love to hear from you what travel issues you'd like to hear about.
There is an amazing planet waiting to be explored ...start making your dreams a reality!!! One of my favorite quotes ever is "The world is like a book, and those who do not travel read only one page" St. Augustine. 

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Never Stop Wondering...
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